The Meaning of MANA

Mana is a positive life energy which can be attributed to a person, place or object. In the Māori and Polynesian usage, Mana is a form of authority and spiritual power. In Hawaii and Tahiti, Mana can also be a healing power which we gain through meaningful work and harmonious relationships. Mana is strength, Mana is serenity. Mana is the energy through which our community is built.

The MANA Community

You find yourself in that place again. Head spinning, hands weak... that inner-bully taunting you. A swarming hive in your mind. You need that quiet minute to remind yourself to be calm, positive, and mindful of your surroundings. You need a reminder that you are not alone. You need to reconnect with your Mana. Through the MANA brand we are building a community based on mental health support and personal growth. Mana is about conscious comfort, as well as conscious discomfort...making a shift or change to bring alive your best self.

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Beau's Story

Trust me, I’ve been to the darkest of dark of places.

I used to be the guy who had it all- but after the loss of a brother, the split up of my parents, finding myself in nearly 40k debt and a journey through anxiety + depression I hit rock bottom. I realised that the most powerful thing that I, or that anybody can do, was to make a decision to beat the inner chaos. 

I realised that I was focused on all the wrong things and found myself playing the victim card. So I made the decision to start meditating for 10 mins a day and give thanks for everything that I did have in my life. I would say to myself 'You grow though what you go though. I am on my path to happiness'. I also made sure that I would try and do something to make someone smile or feel good every day. This was a crucial part of my personal growth journey. What happened next changed me forever…

When we try and take and do things for ourselves the universe has a way of taking from you. But when we give, the world gives back in ways that truly blow your mind. The key to this was consistency, giving back wherever possible. I now have a job that takes me around the world,  I live 100m from the ocean for morning surfs, I'm debt free, my parents got back together and I have the most incredible partner by my side. It’s possible! MANA is about remembering to be in the moment, give back to other and enjoy the things you do have.

This is my story, what one will you create for yourself? Together, we can become stronger, more grounded and more content and than ever before.

If you have been there, if you are still there, or if you have come out the other side on top, let's share stories. Welcome to MANA.