How To Dad - Locked and Loaded (One Week to Go!)

You know the expression “Blink and you’ll miss it?” Well, the last 9 months have literally gone by quicker than you can say “wait, hang on a second. I wasn’t ready!” But as a guy, I feel like the time seems to shoot past a little quicker than it does for your partner if she’s carrying (a Bub). It’s like when you have an injury. As soon as you’re back in action, everybody seems to say “ Wow! That went by quickly”. However, when you’re the victim, time seems to take forever. Time literally stands still. Because my champion of a Baby Mumma has been growing quickly over the past 9 months with a ton of body changes, back aches, darkening nipples (haha), cute little waddle, heart burn, peeing every 2.76 seconds, being lethargic etc, I can tell that it’s been quite a long journey for the little trooper.

The 9 month journey with the Gorgeous   Bakulia

The 9 month journey with the Gorgeous Bakulia


People have been asking how I’ve been feeling lately, knowing the day is just around the corner. To be honest, I really don’t have strong feelings one way or another at this point. Obviously excited but scared at the same time. It still doesn’t really feel real to me yet. I mean, yes the pram and nursery is all set up, yes the baby seat is in the car and the change table is all ready to go next to the cot and hanging mobile. Even with our house set up to look like it’s a part time day care centre, it still doesn’t feel 100% real yet.

I was talking to a friend out in the surf on the weekend and he told me “mate, once you look at your little one, it hits you like a bolt of lightning and everything changes. It becomes very real and in the best way possible”. This late thirties legend, then went on to say that it was the first time in over 20 years he had a good old solid cry session due to all of the emotions that had come and gone. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super nervous for my partner.

3 things that I pray for constantly:

1 - Please let our baby be happy and healthy.

2 - Please let the day go as smoothly as possible with no complications.

3 - MOST importantly please let my partner get though this with no hiccups or unexpected complications.

I’m sure for those “already” parents out there, this is something you’ve gone through as well, but for the soon to be mums + dads, it’s a daily thought. Especially in the last month! It’s usually in there (the thoughts), fighting with the “any day now” thoughts. Again, it has been good to practice my MANA Rituals (see a couple of blogs back) with a strong focus on meditation and staying in the present moment. It’s a pretty easy thing to become overwhelmed during the day, if you let your mind run off in thought.


7 days from now, I’ll be holding our new Son/Daughter. Yes that’s right, I somehow managed to convince my very structured, organised, “no surprises for me please” partner, to leave the gender to the unknown. For me, it truly is one of life’s last big surprises! These days technology is so advanced that we can pretty much find out anything at anytime, anywhere! After the big sell on why we shouldn’t find out the sex of the baby, I came out on top! (Well I do work in sales for a living so I mean, like, you know… come on now, it’s my gig and i’d be sucking if I couldn’t sell my own girl. 😜). Wish us luck guys, it’s go time!

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