Our MANA community

Good things happen when people get together to support, encourage and generally pump each other up. That's what our growing community of collaborators, customers and friends is all about... Coming together to be advocates for positive energy, collaboration and mental health awareness.

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Beau Walker - MANA Founder

Beau is the founder, motivator-in-chief and all round BIG energy source at MANA. Beau is a former TV presenter, international product representative and professional surfer. He is now channeling his energy into creating MANA and a mentally healthy community.

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Malcom 'Bearded' Beard - Legend

Long time friend of MANA founder, Beau Walker and all round good bloke. The story of Bearded's battle with mental illness and triumphant recovery is something we are truly grateful to be able to share.


One Wave

A charity organisation tackling mental health issues with a simple recipe...saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro.


The Ponderance Collective

A mobile creative and research consultancy who we've been working with since day 1 - Bringing the MANA dream to life.

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Our makers. Bringing ethically made fashion to you from Indonesia. 

Meet Malcolm 'Bearded' Beard

Meet Malcom ‘Bearded’ Beard, long time friend of MANA founder Beau Walker, he’s a keen surfer, musician, skydiver and he wants to share his story of overcoming mental illness, beating addiction and finding his MANA again. 


He's on the mend...

After his stay in Sydney at a rehabilitation facility and an emotional goodbye at Sydney airport, Bearded is getting better. The grip of mental illness and the spiralling loss of self has subsided and on of our much loved MANA community members is getting back to his old ways, spreading love, positivity and all-round silly behaviour with his family and friends again.